NeuroDimension公司于近日发布了NeuroSolutions V7.0版本

NeuroDimension公司于近日发布了NeuroSolutions V7.0版本。同时,也发布了新推出NeuroSolutions Infinity软件,该软件主要用户大型数据挖掘;做分布式计算等。

NeuroSolutions Infinity软件介绍如下:

NeuroDimension is excited to unveil NeuroSolutions Infinity -- the easiest, most powerful neural network software of the NeuroSolutions family. It streamlines the data mining process by automatically taking care of the entire neural network development process - everything from accessing, cleaning, and arranging your data, to intelligently trying potential inputs, preprocessing, and network types, to selecting the best neural network and verifying the results.

NeuroSolutions Infinity is the next generation of NeuroSolutions. It will automatically search through the raw input variables and preprocess them using up to 50 different mathematical functions in conjunction with intelligently searching through up to 34 neural network topologies with varied neural network components and parameters. And, it does all of this using as much processing power as you want to give it - starting with all of your computer's processing cores and up to one additional computer, and expandable to include many more computers and even graphics cards.

NeuroSolutions Infinity neural network software offers reliable, scalable, distributed processing of large data across clusters of computers to create highly accurate predictive models for data mining and analysis. It is designed to scale up from a single computer to thousands of machines, each offering local computation. The easy-to-use interface allows you to set minimal conditions for preprocessing and neural network learning. Or, take the reins and set specific conditions to have total control over data preprocessing, training termination rules and neural network architectures. Perform sales forecasting, sports predictions, medical classification, and much more with NeuroSolutions Infinity.



2014-07-17 00:00
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