Grapher 14新功能概述:



● 改进了在Property Manager中添加和编辑拟合曲线

● 对话框始终显示在窗口的中央

● 一次更改多个对象的可见性

● 从行或列中的数据创建绘图



● 创建Durov和Durov类图

● 使用轴单位创建可变宽度条形图

● 保存/加载加权平均拟合曲线的权重

● 使用平滑线连接线图

● 指定显示,复制或插入的拟合统计数据的数字格式

● 使用不同颜色的条形图填充值大小基值且小于基值的条形图

● 创建自定义页面大小

● 在单个绘图文档中创建多个页面



● 导入Esri个人地理数据库MDB文件

● 导入Esri文件地理数据库GDB文件

● 导出ASCII数据库DBF文件

● 导出GPS交换GPX文件



● 创建Durov,Durov类,扩展Durov和扩展Durov类图

● 对基础值上方和下方的条形应用单独的填充

● 使用平滑线连接线图

● 从行中的数据创建绘图


Golden Software,an affordable developer of data visualization and analysis software,has released the 14th edition of the Grapher Scientific Graphics Pack,which includes new graphics and customization features. Grapher 14 is available now and can be downloaded by all users through a valid maintenance agreement. Rapher product manager Leslie McWhirter said,“Grapher users will find that we have been focused on making the software easier to use in the 14 and 15 previews.”“The new drawing features were created as a direct result of feedback. ”


Grapher software provides users with 80 flexible and easy-to-use 2D and 3D graphical tools for drawing, analyzing and displaying scientific data sets to provide users with deeper insights into data. The software package is widely used by scientists and engineers in oil and gas operations, hydrology/geochemistry research, environmental consulting, mineral exploratio and academic research.


The most notable new features or upgrades in Grapher 14 include:


Enhanced Drawing-Ability to draw data in rows and columns, perform one-click Durov class diagrams, and easily generate multi-drawing reports.


Improved Bar Chart-Bar charts are more versatile, offering variable bar widths and different fill colors for both negative and positive.


With the introduction of Grapher 14, Golden Software developers have begun to cteate preview versions of Grapher 15. This allows customers to try new features relatively early in the development process and provide feedback before the final release.







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