Intel Parallel Studio 2011 - 性能并行计算的软件


英特尔推出Intel Parallel Studio 2011,该并行程序开发工具套件在C++编译器、错误检查与性能调试工具中增加了扩展的多线程库和的多线程编程建议功能。


作为功能套件,英特尔  Parallel Studio 2011帮助软件更地提高串行和并行应用能和可靠性,以便充分利用新的多核处理器。该版本添加了一套新的旨在充分利用并行处理的并行模块; 英特尔并行构建模块、可引导从串行到并行过渡的多线程编程辅助工具; 英特尔 Parallel Advisor,以及Microsoft Visual Studio 2010*开发环境在内的一系列强化功能。


英特尔Parallel Studio面向开发周期中的阶段,帮助开发人员地:使用新的英特尔® Parallel Advisor多线程编程指南发现引入多线程机会并进行设计



Leveraging more than 25 years of parallel software tool and high-performance expertise, Intel brings threading to Windows* applications. Intel® Parallel Studio is a comprehensive parallelism toolset designed for Microsoft Visual Studio* C/C++ developers. Simplified analysis, compiling, debugging, thread checking, and tuning enable optimized, innovative serial and multicore applications.


Accelerate Development of Reliable, High-Performance Serial and Threaded Applications for Multicore

Intel® Parallel Studio 2011 is a comprehensive tool suite that provides C/C++ developers using Microsoft Visual Studio 2005*, 2008*, and 2010* with tools for serial and threaded application design. Offering innovative features and capabilities, the suite equips developers to design, build and debug, verify, and tune their applications. Intel Parallel Studio enables you to design reliable, high-performance threaded applications for multicore systems. It also offers compelling value to developers working on serial applications today and moving to threaded applications in the future.


Intel Parallel Studio enhances developer productivity through each phase of the development lifecycle, resulting in higher application reliability and performance, faster time to market, and increased ROI.


Intel Parallel Studio 2011 Tools - Reliable, High-Performance, Future Proof

Intel Parallel Studio advances all development lifecycles, providing powerful tools that can be used independently or together to meet the needs of workflows and development teams. From one-person startups to enterprises with thousands of developers working on a single application, Intel Parallel Studio enhances productivity and enables reliable applications that leverage legacy serial code, take advantage of multicore, and scale for manycore.



- Access to productivity tools for higher application reliability, quality, and performance

- Provides an easy path to parallelism, helps minimize the learning curve, and improves productivity to accelerate return on hardware and software investments

- Forward scaling enables applications to take advantage of multicore and scale for manycore, while minimizing code changes.

- Offers more choices and flexibility for both data and task parallel programming models

- Preserves existing investments in source code and development environments that work on serial code and parallel code today and into the future


Intel Parallel Composer 2011


Intel® Parallel Composer is parallel computing software with an optimized compiler, offering Intel® Parallel Building Blocks and Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives threaded library to create reliable, fast serial and threaded applications. A simple recompile with Intel Parallel Composer can result in a performance improvement of 20 percent or more. Intel Parallel Composer is key to the Microsoft Visual Studio* 2005, 2008 and 2010 toolsets with highly optimized libraries, support for new language extensions, and capabilities for simplified implementation of task and data parallelism. Intel Parallel Composer is part of Intel® Parallel Studio XE, the all-in-one parallel processing software for serial and parallel C/C++ applications.


Intel Parallel Composer makes it easier for Visual* C++ developers to deliver outstanding application performance. With features like autovectorization and auto-parallelization, just recompiling with Intel C++ will do the job. Intel PBB provides an efficient way to add performance through parallelism utilizing simple concurrency functions, data parallel arrays, and pre-threaded domain-specific libraries. It includes Intel® Threading Building Blocks (Intel® TBB), an STL-like collection of basic functions; Intel® Array Building Blocks (beta) for implementing parallelism in arrays; and Intel® Cilk™ Plus for simple loop and task parallelism. These tools enable Intel Parallel Composer to provide a variety of broadly applicable and application-specific capabilities, making it easier to deliver performance as a feature in application software.



- Improve productivity

- Reduce the learning curve for developing threaded applications with effective, standard abstractions

- Protect your investment by building applications that scale for multicore and manycore

- Increase efficiency when debugging threaded applications

- Improve performance by recompiling with Intel® C++ Compiler

- Enable portability, reliability, scalability, and simplicity



Intel Parallel Inspector 2011

Intel Parallel Inspector is proactive error checking software that helps ensure C/C++ application reliability on multicore. It rapidly provides root-cause analysis for crash-causing threading and memory defects by monitoring the runtime behavior of the code. Intel Parallel Inspector then maps those errors in an easy-to-understand manner. This capability is especially critical for nondeterministic errors, (i.e., where the execution sequence changes from run to run), that are difficult to reproduce. Intel Parallel Inspector is the fastest, most comprehensive latent multithread error checking tool for Microsoft Visual Studio* 2005, 2008, and 2010. Intel Parallel Inspector is part of Intel® Parallel Studio XE, the all-in-one parallel processing software for serial and parallel C/C++ applications.


Intel Parallel Amplifier 2011 

Intel Parallel Amplifier is threading optimization software that simplifies finding multicore performance bottlenecks without needing to know the processor architecture or assembly code. As a Windows* performance profiler, Intel Parallel Amplifier removes the guesswork and analyzes performance behavior in Windows applications for quick access to scaling information and faster, improved decision making. Fine-tune for optimal performance, ensuring cores are fully exploited and new capabilities supported. Intel Parallel Amplifier is part of Intel® Parallel Studio XE, the all-in-one parallel processing software for serial and parallel C/C++ applications.



Intel Parallel Advisor 2011

Intel Parallel Advisor is an innovative threading assistant for Microsoft Visual Studio* C++ developers that identifies the areas in serial and parallel applications that can benefit most from parallelism. This unique threading tool provides step-by-step recommendations to simplify, demystify, and speed parallel application design and implementation. This threading assistant is ideal for those new to parallelism and those with some experience parallelizing applications, as well as architects managing development teams. Intel Parallel Advisor is part of Intel® Parallel Studio XE, the all-in-one parallel processing software for serial and parallel C/C++ applications.





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