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AssayZap是一款实用的实验分析计算器软件,它主要对 RIA, ELISA, IRMA, 比色及类型的化学分析。它能够处理的数量高达 2^31。标准曲线可以被配备2个参数、4个参数、4个加权参数、或者是手工互动装备,它可允许安装不同形状的标准曲线。实验分析可以2000支软管和四条标准曲线,可高达24个值。实验分析的要点可以通过标准曲线间的插补结果来补充。 




AssayZap通信例程,该例程允许计算机直接从具有R232或R422接口的仪器上载数据。LKB,Packard,Nuclrear Enterprises,Titertek,Dynatech,Rack,Clinigamma,Multigamma,Gammamaster,Delfia,Labtek,Digitech,Wallac,Tracor,Bio-Tek和Biorad仪器已了翻译命令。AssayZap还可以让您添加翻译命令以适合您的机器(如果当前不该机器)。AssayZap可以将命令发送到酶标仪或仪器以对其进行初始化并开始实验。还有命令行系统,可让您从自己编写的程序中运行AssayZap。设备制作商或IT可以将AssayZap到他们自己的系统中,




AssayZap v3.0中的一些功能:


1. 命令行选项现在允许从程序启动AssayZap


2. 对标准曲线的轴标签进行更多的控制


3. 自动打印结果的选项


4. 可以使用384孔板和96孔板进行检测


5. 选项输入自动启动读板器或设备的命令







AssayZap is a universal assay calculator for RIA, ELISA, IRMA, colorimetric or any other type of assay. Counts of up to 2^31 can be handled. Standard curves can be fitted by 2-parameter, 4-parameter or 4-parameter weighted fit, or by the unique interactive manual fit which permits all standard curves to be fitted, whatever their shape. Assays may include up to 2000 tubes and up to four standard curves, each of which can incorporate up to 24 values. Assay drift can be compensated by interpolation of results between standard curves.


AssayZap can maintain a historical record for each assay, and enable the current standard curve and QCs to be compared with this and adjusted if necessary. AssayZap can process data from 96 and 384-well plate readers in any order: so assays can be set up to your own design.


AssayZap includes communications routines permitting the computer to upload data directly from any instrument with a R232 or R422 interface. Translation commands are already incorporated for many LKB, Packard, Nuclear Enterprises, Titertek, Dynatech, Rack, Clinigamma, Multigamma, Gammamaster, Delfia, Labtek, Digitech, Wallac, Tracor, Bio-Tek and Biorad instruments. AssayZap also enables you to add additional translation commands to suit your machine if it is not currently supported. AssayZap can send a command to a plate reader or other instrument to initialize it and start an experiment. There is also a command-line system which allows AssayZap to be run from programs which you are writing yourself. Equipment manufacturers or IT specialists can thus integrate AssayZap fully into their own systems.


Data can also be keyed in manually. Graphs can be saved as BMP or WMF files in Windows and results are in text format which can be pasted or imported to other programs. There is now a facility to automatically print out the results from each analysis when it is finished.






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