Ab3d.PowerToys - 3D图形工具包

Ab3d.PowerToys 是一个WPF和WinForms 3D工具包库,它简化了使用科学、技术、CAD或其他3D图形开发桌面应用程序的过程。




Ab3d.PowerToys 使用基于DirectX 9的WPF 3D渲染引擎。这提供了不错的硬件加速,可以渲染3D场景。但是当3D场景比较复杂是,可以使用超快的DirectX 11渲染引擎——Ab3d.DXEngine。此外,使用Ab3d.PowerToys 库的现有应用程序可以在几分钟内到带有DirectX 11渲染引擎的Ab3d.DXEngine。




  • 使用3D API,在C#中有代码示例

  • 相机(TargetPositionCamera、FreeCamera、FirstPersonCamera、ThirdPersonCamera 等)

  • 相机控制器(MouseCameraController、CameraControlPanel、ViewCubeCameraController)

  • 3D模型和视觉效果(球体、长方体、圆柱体等)

  • 生成拉伸或车削3D对象

  • 对3D对象使用布尔运算或使用3D平面对齐进行切片

  • 3D线(连接、断开和带箭头的线的实现)

  • 3D文字

  • Event Manager 3D(简化了3D对象的时间处理)

  • 帮助类简化WPF 3D的工作

  • 支持触控和多点触控来旋转、移动和缩放相机

  • 使用Assimp 导入器从obj文件(集成在Ab3d.PowerToys 中)

  • 使用Assimp 导入器从3D 文件中播放关键帧和骨骼动画将 3D 模型导出为多种文件类型文件(使用 Assimp 导出器)

  • 当需要更快的渲染时,切换到使用Ab3d.DXEngine 的 DirectX 11 渲染

  • 对有关WPF 3D和我们的库的问题的支持。



可以使用assimp 导入器从以下文件格式导入 3D 对象:

.3d、.3ds、.3mf、.ac、.ac3d、.acc、.amf、.ase、.ask、.assbin、.b3d、.blend、 .bvh、.cob、.csm、.dae、.dxf、.enff、.fbx、.glb、.gltf、.hmp、.ifc、.ifczip、.irr、.irrmesh、.lwo、.lws、.lxo 、.md2、.md3、.md5anim、.md5camera、.md5mesh、.mdc、.mdl、.mesh、.mesh.xml、.mot、.ms3d、.ndo、.nff、.obj、.off、.ogex 、.pk3、.ply、.pmx、.prj、.q3o、.q3s、.raw、.scn、.sib、.smd、.stl、.stp、.ter、.uc、.vta、.x、. x3d、.x3db、.xgl、.xml、.zgl


可以将 3D 对象导出为以下文件格式:

dae、x、stp、obj、obj、stl、stl、ply、ply、3ds、gltf、glb、gltf、glb、assbin、assxml、x3d、fbx、 FBX,3MF。文件






  • 带有平台更新的 Windows 11、Windows 10、Windows 8、Windows 7

  • .NET 5.0、.NET 6.0 (*)

  • .NET 核心 3.1 (*)

  • .NET 框架 4.0、4.5+

  • Visual Studio 2022、2019、2017 或 JetBrains Rider




Ab3d.PowerToys is an ultimate WPF and WinForms 3D toolkit library that greatly simplifies developing desktop applications with scientific, technical, CAD or other 3D graphics.


The library has been proven in many professional applications. Based on great user feedback it evolved into the ultimate collection of helper classes and tools that are needed for a 3D application.


The samples that come with the library provide many building blocks that you can be simply copy and include into your application.


The Ab3d.PowerToys is using WPF 3D rendering engine that is based on DirectX 9. This provides decent hardware acceleration and can render many 3D scenes. But when the 3D scene is more complex, then it is possible to use a super fast DirectX 11 rendering engine - Ab3d.DXEngine. What is more, an existing application that is using Ab3d.PowerToys library can be upgraded to the Ab3d.DXEngine with DirectX 11 rendering engine in a few minutes.


The main features of the library are:

  • The easiest to use 3D API with many great code samples in C#

  • Cameras (TargetPositionCamera, FreeCamera, FirstPersonCamera, ThirdPersonCamera, etc.)

  • Camera Controllers (MouseCameraController, CameraControlPanel, ViewCubeCameraController)

  • 3D Models and Visuals (Sphere, Box, Cylinder, etc.)

  • Generate extruded or lathe 3D objects

  • Use Boolean operations on 3D objects or slice them with a 3D plane

  • 3D Lines (the fastest implementation for connected, disconnected and lines with arrows)

  • 3D Text

  • Event Manager 3D (simplified event handling on 3D objects)

  • Many helper classes to ease work with WPF 3D

  • Support for touch and multi-touch to rotate, move and zoom the camera

  • Import 3D models from obj files (integrated in Ab3d.PowerToys) or almost all other 3D files with Assimp importer (see below)

  • Play keyframe and skeletal animations from many 3D files with Assimp importer

  • Export 3D models to many file types files (using Assimp exporter)

  • Fully optimized to achieve best possible performance

  • When faster rendering is required, it is very easy to switch to DirectX 11 rendering with Ab3d.DXEngine

  • Premium support for all questions regarding WPF 3D and our libraries







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