HiPhi - 三维有限元静电场计算工具





  • 从数学函数中指定连续的空间变化材料属性

  • 解决大型结构中微观细节的解决方案技术

  • 大量2D和3D绘图选项

  • 解决方案的交互式点击分析

  • 在批处理模式下运行HiPhi和PhiView以进行扩展计算的选项

  • 法线场的自动表面积分,用于计算互电容和电极电流

  • 具有数字示波器功能的交互式线扫描和绘图





  • 使用有限元技术对共形六边形网格进行高精度计算

  • 通过结构化网格实现不凡的计算速度,对具有FORTRAN95编码的多核Windows PC进行了优化

  • 大网格容量的动态内存分配(标准PC上20-5000万个元素)

  • 根据数学表达式将电位、介电常数、电导率和/或空间电荷密度的连续空间变化分配给区域的技术



  • hiphi.exe—在窗口中以交互式方式或在批处理文件控制下自动生成静电解决方案

  • phiview.exe—符合要求的后处理器从HiPhi解决方案文件生成绘图并计算场量






HiPhi offers unparalleled computational power, speed and accuracy for 3D electrostatics at a moderate price. The program handles user-specified geometries that may contain regions of electrodes, dielectrics, space-charge and resistive materials. The self-contained package includes Geometer (interactive environment for building 3D geometries), MetaMesh (automatic conformal mesh generator) and PhiView (postprocessor for plots and interactive analyses). The program features high computational speed — a 200,000-node calculation takes less than 1 minute on a typical personal computer. HiPhi has application to areas such as high-voltage engineering, circuit component design, electro-optical and vacuum microelectronic devices, electroplating and electrostatic equipment.



  • Specify continuous spatial variations material properties from mathematical functions.

  • Advanced solution techniques to resolve microscopic details in large structures.

  • Extensive array of 2D and 3D plotting options.

  • Interactive point-and-click analysis of solutions.

  • Option to run HiPhi and PhiView in batch mode for extended calculations。

  • Automatic surface integrals of normal fields to calculate mutual capacitances and electrode currents.

  •  Interactive line scans and plots with digital oscilloscope features.



HiPhi calculates electrostatic fields in arbitrary three-dimensional systems. The program gen-erates either dielectric or conductive solutions. In dielectric solutions, regions in the solution-space may represent electrodes, dielectrics and space-charge density. In conductive solutions, the regions correspond to electrodes or resistive media. You may include up to 250 materialtypes in a solution. HiPhihas several advanced capabilities:


  • High accuracy calculations using finite-element techniqueson conformal hexahedron meshes.

  • Unmatched computation speed through unique structured meshes, optimized for multi-core Windows PCs with full FORTRAN95 coding.

  • Dynamic memory allocation for large mesh capacity (20-50 million elements on a standard PC).

  • Advanced techniques to assign continuous spatial variations of potential, dielectric con-stant, conductivity and/or space-charge density to regions from mathematical expressions.




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