Adaptest - 项目响应理论分析软件

Adaptest是基于Adaptest计算机化自适应测试和项目响应理论(IRT)的评分软件包,旨在轻松集成到现有的电子数据收集(EDC)系统中。实现范围可以从Web开发人员快速使用Adaptest作为纯HTML和JavaScript Web 2.0应用程序的插件,到与引擎的Linux二进制文件或Windows dll的完整系统集成。无论实施如何,Adaptest 都提供了广泛的功能和优势:


Adaptest 允许在秤开发过程中获得统计信息,以更好地为评估过程提供信息。


  • 更多评估依靠“现代测量理论”进行发展
  • 无需因为数据收集系统无法使用 IRT 信息而依赖较差的总和分数
  • 可以提高统计功效,从而减少样本量需求


Adaptest允许使用现代测量理论(IRT / Rasch)开发的任何评估以固定长度的形式呈现并实时评分。


  • 无需对数据进行后处理
  • 与传统方法相比,提供更具统计有效性的分数
  • 更加以患者为中心的评估
  • 减轻患者负担
  • 保持与全长评估相当的可靠性和有效性




  • 量表分数集成到数据收集和传输过程中
  • 位于您了解和信任的基础架构中
  • 无需学习或维护新系统
  • 您当前的支持人员仍然是您联系的人





The Adaptest computerized adaptive testing and item response theory (IRT)-based scoring software package is designed to be easily included into existing electronic data collection (EDC) systems. Implementation can range from a web developer quickly using Adaptest as a plugin for a purely HTML and JavaScript web 2.0 application to a full system integration with the engine’s Linux binaries or Windows dll. Regardless of implementation Adaptest offers a wide range of capabilities and benefits:


Adaptest allows statistical information obtained during scale development to better inform the assessment process.


  • More assessments are relying on “modern measurement theory” for development
  • No need to fall back on inferior summed scores because of a data collection system that cannot use IRT information
  • Can increase statistical power thereby reducing sample size needs


Adaptest allows any assessment developed using modern measurement theory (IRT/Rasch) to be presented in fixed-length form and scored in real-time.


  • Removes the need to post-process data
  • Provides more statistically valid scores compared to classical methods
  • Assessments that are more patient-centered
  • Reduces patient burden
  • Maintains comparable reliability and validity to full-length assessments


Adaptest item response theory-based computerized adaptive testing software was specifically designed for EDC system integration.


  • Scale scores are integrated into the data collection and transfer process
  • Housed within an infrastructure you know and trust
  • No new systems to learn or maintain
  • Your current support staff is still who you contact




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