MicroShield® V&V - MicroShield®软件核查和验证的工具包

MicroShield® V&V 是Grove Software公司开发,用于MicroShield®软件核查和验证的工具包。MicroShield® V&V的总体目的是提供文档和软件,以帮助用户进行内部软件鉴定或验证。



  • 用户记录的V&V测试计划和结果

  • 用户可以重复测试以进行比较和进一步的证据

  • 程序中使用的核和材料数据的可追溯性

  • 一种执行例程以验证计算是否正确完成的方法


具体而言,MicroShield® V&V套件包括:

1. MicroShield®验证报告。本报告整合了多年来用于MicroShield®开发的无数信息来源,其中很多信息很难被用户找到。包括特定的验证和验证部分。该报告还包含了V&V测试计划和结果,以及MicroShield® V&V软件应用的用户说明。历史测试结果包含在附录中,以确保可追溯性和完善性。

2. MicroShield Pro V&V软件。一个独立执行各种MicroShield®Pro处理例程并显示所提供数据文件的程序。该软件提供了程序内部工作正常的证据,并允许进行独立验证。





  • Microsoft Windows® 10或11




Grove Software has a verification and validation (V&V) package available for MicroShield®.


The overall purpose of the V&V package is to furnish documentation and software as an aid to users in their internal software qualification or verification and validation.


The verification and validation package provides the following:

1. The V&V test plans and results for user records.

2. User may repeat the tests for comparison and further evidence.

3. Traceability for the nuclear and material data used in the program.

4. A means to exercise routines to verify that calculations are done properly.


Specifically, the V&V package includes:

  • The MicroShield® Validation Report.  This report consolidates a myriad of information sources used over the years for development of MicroShield®, many of which would be difficult to find by users. It also shows the mathematical basis for all the calculations performed by the program.  The report contains the V&V test plan and results and the user instructions for VNV.EXE (below). Historical test results are included in appendices for traceability and completeness.

  • VNV.EXE – A program that independently exercises various MicroShield® processing routines and displays the data files that are provided. This software provides evidence that the internal workings of the program are being done correctly and allows independent verification.

  • The V&V Package must be purchased separately from MicroShield®. The V&V package is sold as a Local Area Site License. A Wide Area Site License may also be purchased.  The report and software may be copied within the organization site.




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