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RadDecay®是一款交互式程序软件,用于显示核素库中放射性核素的放射衰变信息。自带497中核素和三个可选库的标准核素库(ICRP-107 , ICRP-38 , MIRD)。显示的数据包括半衰期,放射性子体核素,每衰变概率,以及α,β,正电子,电子,X射线和伽马射线的衰变产物能量。RadDecay®还可以生成显示,情节和打印输出用于符合的β光谱数据。







  • 多次核素衰减计算,单独设置和批量计算

  • 选择多核素简介计算的输入和输出单位

  • 改进了图形显示和打印

  • 改进的用户界面,易于操作的快捷方式

  • 能够将多核衰变结果复制到剪切板,以便导入电子表格和文字处理文档

  • 提供了另外三个可选的核素库

  • 扩展和改进搜索功能

  • 允许用户选择所需的打印字体的功能,配置灵活

  • 日期格式的兼容性

  • 修改数据结构以提高性能

  • 能够显示多个核素的数据

  • 能够显示有关衰变链中显示的任意核素的信息



Microsoft Windows® 10或11



RadDecay® is an interactive program for displaying radioactive decay information for any of the radionuclides in the libraries. RadDecay® comes with the standard Nuclide Library of 497 nuclides and two optional libraries (ICRP-38 and MIRD). Data displayed includes the halflives, radioactive daughter nuclides, probabilities per decay, and decay product energies for alphas, betas, positrons, electrons, X-rays, and gamma rays. With the optional libraries, RadDecay® also generates displays, plots, and printouts for composite beta spectrum data. The Nuclide Library information is primarily based on data supplied by RSICC at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.


RadDecay® conducts decay calculations for a single nuclide or a set of nuclides. For a single nuclide, given an initial activity and decay time by the user, RadDecay® will calculate the remaining activity of the nuclide and the activity of its progeny. The decay chain is calculated and displayed for as many as 20 generations. Identical daughter nuclides generated along different branches of the decay chain are alternately combined and displayed. Decay chain and decay curves can be readily displayed and printed. Users can display information by clicking on any nuclide in the displayed decay chain.


RadDecay® also conducts decay calculations for a set of nuclides and generates a summary report for viewing, printing and saving. The user also has the option to set the minimum activity reported. RadDecay® searches its library and reports the corresponding nuclides for photons, alphas, betas, electrons, or positrons within user-defined energy and half-life ranges.

Among the improvements and enhancements relative to prior versions are:

1.Multiple-nuclide decay calculations, individual set and in batches.

2.Choice of units for input and output of multiple-nuclide decay calculations.

3.Improved graphics display and printing.

4.Improved user interface, ease of operation with shortcuts.

5.Ability to copy multi-nuclide decay results to clipboard for importing into spreadsheet and word processing documents.

6.Additional two optional nuclide libraries made available (ICRP-38 and MIRD)

7.Expanded and improved search performance.

8.Feature to allow user to select desired print font, flexibility in configuration.

9.Compatibility with international date formats.

10.Modified data structure for improved performance.

11.Ability to display data for multiple nuclides.

12.Ability to display information about any nuclide displayed in a decay chain.




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