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SeismoMatch 是一种能够调整地震加速度图以匹配特定目标响应谱的应用程序,使用 Abrahamson [1992] 和 Hancock 等人提出的小波算法。[2006] 或 Al Atik 和 Abrahamson [2010] 提出的算法。加载一些加速度图并定义目标响应谱后,用户只需要定义谱匹配算法,调整谱匹配周期范围,设置所需的容差即可执行谱匹配。





  • 同时匹配多个加速度图,然后创建一个平均匹配频谱,其很大失配符合预定义的容差。

  • 可以将此软件与记录选择工具和记录适当新验证算法结合使用,以定义足够的记录套件,用于新结构或有结构的非线性动态分析。

  • 能够读取以每行单位或多值格式定义的单个加速图(强运动数据库使用的两种流行格式)或同时读取多个加速度图(如果它们在单行定义)每行格式的值)。

  • 通过从超过25个地区建筑规范(包括欧洲规范 8 规则、ASCE 41-13 和各种法规)中选择的规则、通过计算特定加速度图的频谱或通过简单地加载用户定义的频谱来创建目标频谱。



  • 弹性响应谱和伪谱

  • 过阻尼和恒延性非弹性响应谱

  • 加速度、速度和位移的均方根 (RMS)

  • Arias (Ia) 和特征 (Ic) 强度

  • 累积速度 (CAV) 和比能量密度 (SED)

  • 加速度 (ASI) 和速度 (VSI) 谱强度

  • Housner强度

  • 持续加速度 (SMA) 和速度 (SMV)

  • 有效的设计加速 (EDA)

  • 主要时期(Tp)

  • 持续时间长


此外,SeismoMatch 还具有一个模块,用户可以在该模块中组合匹配的加速度图,以获得满足用户关于平均失配要求的组合平均频谱。


由于与 Windows 环境集成,SeismoMatch 允许将数字和图形结果复制到 Windows 应用程序(例如 MS Excel、MS Word 等),并指出绘图特征可以从内部自定义程序本身。





features :


  • Simultaneous matching of a number of accelerograms, and then creation of a mean matched spectrum whose maximum misfit respects a pre-defined tolerance.

  • Possibility of using this software in combination with records selection tools and records appropriateness verification algorithms to define adequate suites of records for nonlinear dynamic analysis of new or existing structures.

  • Capability of reading single accelerograms defined in both single- or multiple-values per line formats (the two most popular formats used by strong-motion databases) or of reading a number of accelerograms at the same time (if they are defined in the single-value per line format).

  • Creation of the target spectrum by following rules from a selection of more than 25 National Building Codes including Eurocode 8 rules, ASCE 41-13 and various Regulations worldwide, by computing the spectrum of a specific accelerogram or by simply loading a user-defined spectrum.


The following strong-motion parameters are then computed for the matched accelerograms:


  • Elastic response spectra and pseudo-spectra

  • Overdamped and constant-ductility inelastic response spectra

  • Root-mean-square (RMS) of acceleration, velocity and displacement

  • Arias (Ia) and characteristic (Ic) intensities

  • Cumulative absolute velocity (CAV) and specific energy density (SED)

  • Acceleration (ASI) and velocity (VSI) spectrum intensity

  • Housner intensity

  • Sustained maximum acceleration (SMA) and velocity (SMV)

  • Effective design acceleration (EDA)

  • Predominant period (Tp)

  • Significant duration

In addition, SeismoMatch also features a module in which a user can combine many matched accelerograms in order to obtain a combined mean spectrum that fulfils the user’s requirements regarding maximum and mean misfit.


Finally, and due to its full integration with the Windows environment, SeismoMatch allows for numerical and graphical results to be copied to any Windows application (e.g. MS Excel, MS Word, etc.), noting that the plots characteristics can be fully customised from within the program itself.





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