Magnum - 三维静磁场计算工具



  1. 给定施加电流的无界体积中的自由空间场,
  2. 存在线圈、永磁体和可饱和各向同性铁磁材料的有界场,
  3. 具有理想导体的区域中的脉冲场。




  1. Geometer(在交互式环境中构建3D结构)
  2. MetaMesh(自动创建保形六面体网格)
  3. MagWinder(构建复杂的3D驱动线组件)
  4. Magnum(在窗口中或在命令控制下以交互方式生成磁场解决方案)和MagView(制作2D/3D绘图并执行定量分析)。



  • 使用铁等可饱和磁性材料进行自洽计算。用于为全部材料创建滞后表的实用程序

  • 广泛的2D和3D绘图选项

  • 解决方案的交互式点击分析

  • 解决大型结构中微观细节的解决方案技术

  • 场能量的自动体积积分以确定电感

  • 具有数字示波器功能的交互式线扫描和绘图

  • 用于外部解决方案控制和自动分析的命令模式操作

  • 用于探索解空间的矢量图和探针




  • 有边界的有限元解决方案,包括铁磁或导电材料的影响

  • 由特定电流分布产生的无界自由空间场




Magnum is a versatile tool for 3D finite-element magnetostatic calculations. The program features high accuracy and speed at a moderate price. Magnum can perform three types of calculations: 1) free-space fields in unbounded volumes for given applied currents, 2) bounded fields in the presence of coils, permanent magents and saturable isotropic ferromagnetic materials and 3) pulsed fields in regions with ideal conductors. The program handles saturation effects in ferromagnetic materials and modern permanent-magnet materials (NdFeB and SmCo). The package includes four linked components: Geometer (build 3D structures in an interactive environment), MetaMesh (automatically create conformal hexahedron meshes), MagWinder (build complex 3D drive coil assemblies), Magnum (generate magnetic-field solutions interactively in a window or under command control), and MagView (make 2D/3D plots and perform quantitative analyses).



  • Self-consistent calculations with saturable magnetic materials like iron. Utility program to create hysteresis tables for any material.

  • Extensive array of 2D and 3D plotting options.

  • Interactive point-and-click analysis of solutions.

  • Advanced solution techniques to resolve microscopic details in large structures.

  • Automatic volume integrals of field energy to determine inductance.

  • Interactive line scans and plots with digital oscilloscope features.

  • Command-mode operation for external solution control and automated analyses.

  • Vector plots and probes to explore the solution space.


Magnum applies finite-element techniques to find magnetostatic fields in arbitrary three-dimensional systems. The program can include effects of applied currents, permanent magnets, linear ferromagnetic materials and ideal conducting boundaries for pulsed fields. The Mag-Winder utility is used to define drive coils of any geometry. The program can operate in two modes:


  • Bounded finite-element solutions, including the effects of ferromagnetic or conductingmaterials.

  • Unbounded free-space fields resulting from a specified distribution of currents.




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