RFE2 - 二维射频电场计算工具





  • 广泛的绘图包括等电位等值线图、三维电位图以及电场和电流密度的颜色编码元素图

  • 自动计算区域中的功耗以及来自表面的实际电流和位移电流

  • 解决方案的交互式点击分析







RFE2 is a versatile 2D numerical tool to find RF electric fields in conductive media. The program has applications in RF heating and biothermal simulations. You can define up to 250 regions to represent electrodes or different materials. The amplitude and phase of the harmonic potential on electrodes can be set individually. Conductive materials are characterized by values of the volume resistivity and relative dielectric constant. Power density values can be exported to TDiff for thermal analysis. An interactive graphical environment provides full information on the amplitude and phase of electric field and current density throughout the solution regions.



  • Extensive plots include equipotential contours, three-dimensional potential plots, and color-coded element plots of electrical field and current density

  • Automatic calculations of power dissipation in regions and real and displacement current from surfaces

  • Interactive point-and- click analysis of solutions


The graphical analysis functions of RFE2 provide full information on the amplitude and phase of electric field and current density throughout the solution regions. The program automatically calculates and records power density and total current organized by regions. The information can be ported directly to theTDiff program for thermal calculations. RFE2 makes screen and hardcopy plots of potential, field amplitude current density and resistive energy deposition. The intuitive graphical-user-interface makes it easy to learn RFE2 and to perform quick application setups. RFE2 features complete data transparency. Input operations are automatically recorded in text scripts that provide docu-mentation of your work. Scripts make it easy to reconstruct solutions and to share setups with colleagues.




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