RFE3 - 三维射频电场有限元计算软件





  • 将功率密度设置文件导出到HeatWave以进行热分析

  • 从数学函数定义相对介电常数和电导率的空间变化

  • 新的解决方案技术解决了大型结构中的微观细节

  • 自动表面积分以计算互电容、电阻和净电流

  • 具有数字示波器功能的交互式线扫描和绘图

  • 定义多达256个具有指定电导率和相对介电常数的材料区域

  • 用于自动分析的批处理模式操作

  • 电极的电压幅值和相位可以单独设置






  • RFE3.EXE—在一个窗口或批处理文件控制下确定一个或多个解决方案

  • RFE3VIEW.EXE—从RFE3中生成图谱和分析解决方案




RFE3 calculates RF electric fields in conductive dielectrics using high-accuracy finite-element methods for high-accuracy. The package includes RFE3View, an interactive analysis program to find spatial variations of the amplitude and phase of electric fields and current. RFE3 has application to areas such as industrial RF treatments, geological measurements and biothermal procedures.



  • Export power-density profiles to HeatWave for thermal analyses.

  • Define spatial variations of relative dielectric constant and electrical conductivity from mathematical functions.

  • New solution techniques resolve microscopic details in large structures.

  • Automatic surface integrals to calculate mutual capacitance, resistance and net current.

  • Interactive line scans and plots with digital oscilloscope features.

  • Define up to 256 material regions with specified conductivity and relative dielectric constant.

  • Batch-mode operation for automated analyses.

  • The voltage amplitude and phase of electrodes may be set individually.


RFE3 is a versatile numerical tool to find RF (radio-frequency) electric fields in conductive media for arbitrary three-dimensional geometries. The program applies finite-element methods on a conformal hexahedron mesh for high accuracy.  You can define up to 250 regions to represent electrodes or different materials. The amplitude and phase of the harmonic potentials on electrodes may be set individually. Conductive materials are characterized by values of the volume resistivity and relative dielectric constant. Material properties may be uniform over a region of the solution volume or may vary following user-specified mathematical functions.The program can export a power density file that may be used in the HeatWave program for thermal analysis. RFE3View, an interactive graphics analysis program, provides full information on the amplitude and phase of electric fields and current density throughout the solution region.


The package includes two programs:

  • RFE3.EXE- determines one or more solutions in a window or under batch file control

  • RFE3VIEW.EXE- generates plots and analyses of solutions fromRFE3.





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