OmniTrak - 三维带电粒子束软件





  • 几何(在交互式环境中构建3D结构)
  • MetaMesh(自动创建共形六面体网格)
  • HiPhi(在窗口中或在命令控制下交互式生成静电解决方案)
  • PhiView(电场图和分析)
  • MagWinder(构建复杂的3D驱动线圈)组件)
  • Magnum(在窗口中或在命令控制下以交互方式生成磁场解决方案)
  • MagView(磁场图和分析)
  • OmniTrak(轨道跟踪和场再生)
  • OmniView(轨迹图和分析)
  • GenDist(图和颗粒分布分析)



  • 结合独立3D网格计算的电场和磁场效果的选项

  • 通过对束产生的磁场进行全3D计算、对强相对论电子束进行自洽模拟的能力

  • 自洽的空间电荷限制发射程序支持多个物种和发射地点

  • 用于镜头表征的停止平面的准确插值

  • 用于自动分析的批处理模式操作

  • 软件包包括用于自动创建输入分布的GenDist和用于绘图和分析的OmniView

  • 包括PDF教科书带电粒子加速原理(Wiley Interscience 1986)和带电粒子束(Wiley Interscience, 1990)

  • 离子迁移质谱仪中漂移轨迹和传输时间的计算





OmniTrak is the most advanced software tool available for the analysis of 3D charged-particle devices. The program combines finite-element methods with advanced interpolation techniques for fast and accurate orbit calculations. OmniTrak packages are complete tools that handle mesh generation, field solution, particle initiation, orbit tracking and analysis. OmniTrak has applications to areas such as high-power microwave sources, vacuum microelectronics, photomultipliers, particle accelerators, electrostatic and agnetostatic spectrometers, electron microscopes, ion-mobility spectrometers and high-power relativistic beams.The package includes ten integrated components: Geometer (build 3D structures in an interactive environment), MetaMesh (automatically create conformal hexahedron meshes), HiPhi (generate electrostatic solutions interactively in a window or under command control), PhiView (electric field plots and analysis), MagWinder (build complex 3D drive coil assemblies), Magnum (generate magnetic-field solutions interactively in a window or under command control), MagView (magnetic field plots and analysis), OmniTrak (orbit tracking and field regeneration), OmniView (plots and analysis of trajectories) and GenDist (plots and analysis of particle distributions).



  • Option to combine the effects of calculated electric and magnetic fields from independent 3D meshes.

  • Unique capability for self-consistent simulations of intense relativistic electron beams with full 3D calculations of beam-generated magnetic fields.

  • Self-consistent space- charge-limited emission routines support multiple species and emission sites.

  • Precision interpolation to stopping planes for lens characterization.

  • Batch-mode operation for automated analyses.

  • Package includes GenDist for automatic creation of input distributions and OmniView for plots and analyses.

  • Includes the PDF textbooks Principles of Charged Particle Acceleration (Wiley Interscience 1986) and Charged Particle Beams (Wiley Interscience, 1990).

  • Calculations of drift trajectories and transit times in ion-mobility mass spectrometers.





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