Aether - 三维磁场计算软件


  • Pulse模式:脉冲功率器件的EMI和端到端仿真

  • Res模式:3D结构的共振频率和Q因子

  • RF模式:微波和RF设备的快速频域仿真



  • 具有从SolidWords、AutoCAD和ProE导入的交互式图形网格生成功能

  • 后处理器具有带有2D和3D图形的交互式分析环境

  • 为开关模拟定义与时间相关的电导率

  • 从数学函数中设置介电常数、磁导率和电导率的连续空间变化

  • 预加载静电解决方案以初始化带电传输线和电容器。

  • 使用MagWinder实用程序定义复杂的3D驱动线圈

  • 将功率密度分布导出到HeatWave以进行热分析







Aether is one of the most advanced programs available for 3D electromagnetic fields at a fraction of the cost of competing products. The unified finite-element package handles all stages of a solution: mesh generation, field calculation and interactive analysis. The program has three modes of operation that cover the spectrum of applications:

  • Pulse mode: EMI and end-to-end simulations of pulsed-power devices.

  • Res mode: Resonant frequencies and Q factors of 3D structures.

  • RF mode: Fast frequency-domain simulations of microwave and RF devices.



  •  Interactive, graphical mesh generation with import from SolidWords, AutoCAD and ProE.

  • Postprocessor features an interactive analysis environment with 2D and 3D graphics.

  • Define time-dependent conductivities for switch simulations.

  • Set continuous spatial variations of dielectric constant, magnetic permeability and conductivity from mathematical functions.

  • Preload electrostatic solutions to initialize charged transmission lines and capacitors.

  • Definition of complex 3D drive coils with the MagWinder utility.

  • Export power density distributions to HeatWave for thermal analysis.


Aether is a unified, finite-element package for calculating electromagnetic fields in three-dimensional structures. The program employs the FETD (finite-element time-domain) methodfor fast solutions. Aether covers the full range of RF and microwave applications. The code isoptimized for personal computers with efficient memory utilization and high speed. A typicalmodern machine can represent meshes with millions of elements and accomplish solutions inminutes.




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