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  • 以Applied Biosystems .ab1, Staden Chromatogram (SCF and ZTR), 454 SFF, FASTA, FASTQ, EMBL, GenBank, SwissProt, GenPept, GCG RSF和纯文本格式打开序列。

  • 以.ab1、.scf、.fasta和.fastq格式保存序列。

  • 使用图形界面组装重叠的序列,生成共识,并突出显示模棱两可的地方供编辑。

  • 使用质量数据自动去除低质量的序列,以提高序列组装。

  • 使用参考序列作为组装的支架。

  • 生成限制性位点和片段图,并列出切割、无切割和片段。

  • 在G+C框架图的帮助下,绘制开放阅读框架图,并一键翻译ORFs。

  • 打印色谱图、限制性位点和片段图以及开放阅读框架图。

  • 通过NCBI网站进行核苷酸和蛋白质BLAST搜索。

  • 通过与ClustalW对接进行多重比对。

  • 反转和补充序列和色谱图。

  • 通过准确匹配或optimal排列搜索序列。

  • 在编辑核苷酸序列时显示翻译。

  • 进行反向翻译并绘制核苷酸退化图。

  • 绘制蛋白质的亲水性和抗原性。

  • 复制色谱图部分的图像,以便粘贴到文档或演示文稿中。







与Windows 7sP1,8,10兼容




ChromasPro is for assembly of sequence reads into contigs, with a graphical contig editor which displays aligned chromatograms. It also peforms general sequence analysis such as restriction enzyme mapping, open-reading-frame searches, and BLAST submission.


ChromasPro is suitable for DNA sequence assembly projects up to a few megabases, and basic sequence editing and analysis. It is able to assemble data from Sanger sequencers such as ABI, and 454 and Illumina next-generation sequencers, with up to 1,000,000 sequences if 8 Gb RAM is available. ChromasPro has the following features:

  • Open sequences in Applied Biosystems .ab1, Staden Chromatogram (SCF and ZTR), 454 SFF, FASTA, FASTQ, EMBL, GenBank, SwissProt, GenPept, GCG RSF and plain text formats.

  • Save sequences in .ab1, .scf, .fasta and .fastq formats.

  • Assemble overlapping sequences using a graphical interface, generate a consensus and highlight ambiguities for editing.

  • Use quality data to automatically remove low quality sequence for improved sequence assembly.

  • Use a reference sequence as a scaffold for assembly.

  • Generate restriction site and fragment maps, and list cutters, non-cutters and fragments.

  • Map open reading frames, aided by a G+C frame plot, and translate ORFs with one click.

  • Print chromatograms, restriction site and fragment maps, and open reading frame maps.

  • Perform nucleotide and protein BLAST searches through the NCBI web site.

  • Perform multiple alignments by interfacing with ClustalW.

  • Reverse & complement sequences and chromatograms.

  • Search for sequences by exact matching or optimal alignment.

  • Display translations when editing nucleotide sequences.

  • Perform reverse translations and plot nucleotide degeneracy.

  • Plot hydrophilicity and antigenicity of proteins.

  • Copy an image of a chromatogram section for pasting into documents or presentations.





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