WinLoG - 钻孔测井工具












  • 项目可以有多边形边界以及矩形边界。
  • 与GDMS集成,可以在日志中显示土工试验结果。
  • 与EDMS集成,可以在日志中显示实验室分析。
  • 更高分辨率的位图可用于岩性符号。






GAEA develops and distributes geoscience and engineering applications worldwide. GAEA's software has been used for over 25 years by companies and organizations around the world to collect, store and visualize sub-surface data.Our goal is to be the leading provider of integrated software solutions to geoscientists and engineers.GAEA has more than 3000 firms and organizations in more than 120 countries. A wide variety of professionals; such as engineers, geologists, and geophysicists use our software on a global basis.


The WinLoG extension module of GaeaSynergy can be used to quickly and easily create, edit and print boring logs, borehole logs and well logs for a variety of industries.  Boring, borehole and well logs can contain optional headers and footers and a large variety of depth related column data. The types of columns available depend on the industry and can include lithologic descriptions and symbols, well data, sample and core data, geophysical data, lab data, etc. Each industry version of this module has been specifically designed with data types and columns tailored to that industry. In addition, the units and type of data being input is stored in the database so that it can be used for later calculations.


Templates are used to control the layout and formatting of the log. In general, all of the logs for a project would use one or two templates to format the logs. In this way a consistent format can be established within a project and across projects. The module comes with more than 50 pre-designed templates depending upon the industry. In this latest version, the editing of templates has been significantly improved with features such as ruler bars, versioning, and drag and drop.


Each template consists of a header, footer, and several columns. Templates can be customized to display different header and footer titles, number and type of columns, and fonts. In addition, the size and location of the above can be easily changed using the mouse. A company logo or site map, stored as a bitmap can also be included in a template.


After the data for the boring and well data has been entered in this module it can be used to create cross-sections and contour maps in the other modules. In addition, the borings/wells can be displayed in 3D showing their lithologies and any deviated paths.






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