SeismoSpect - 地面运动记录信号处理软件


SeismoSpect 构成了一个简单而高效的平台,允许用户创建自己的地面运动记录库并将它们全部保存在一个文件中,以便于处理和共享大量记录。该应用程序能够应用多种滤波器类型并使用三阶多项式执行基线校正。支持26种基于代码的频谱,包括Eurocode 8、ASCE 41 17和其它法规的频谱。(因此用户可以组合不同的记录,以区分那些平均光谱进行比较的能力。)



  • 加速度、速度和位移

  • 有效的设计加速

  • 过阻尼和恒延性非弹性响应谱

  • Arias (Ia) 和特征 (Ic) 强度

  • 累积速度 (CAV) 和比能量密度 (SED)

  • 加速度、速度和位移的均方根 (RMS)

  • 持续加速度 (SMA) 和速度 (SMV)

  • 加速度 (ASI) 和速度 (VSI) 谱强度

  • 主要(Tp)

  • 持续时间长

  • 有效循环数

  • Damage index

  • 增量速度 (MIV)

  • 冲动指数(IP指数)

  • 平均光谱加速度 (Sa,avg)


该程序具有友好的图形用户界面,能够读取以每行格式(强运动数据库使用的两种流行的格式)定义的单个或多个值的单个加速度图。由于与 Windows 环境集成,SeismoSpect 允许将数字和图形结果复制到 Windows 应用程序(例如 MS Excel、MS Word 等),并指出特性图可以在程序本身内自定义。





SeismoSpect constitutes a simple and efficient platform that will sllow users to create their own library of ground motion records and save them all in a singel file making it easy to handle and share large numbers of records. This application is capable of applying several filter types and to perform baseline-correction using up to third order polynomials. This tool is also capable of computing the mean spectral response of a collection of accelerograms and to compare these results with a target spectrum (users can thus combine different records in order to individuate those whose average spectrum will meet a certain target spectrum). Finally, a module was introduced to compute a number of strong-motion parameters often required by engineer seismologists and earthquake engineers, such as:



  • Maximum acceleration, velocity and displacement

  • Effective design acceleration

  • Overdamped and constant-ductility inelastic response spectra

  • Arias (Ia) and characteristic (Ic) intensities

  • Cumulative absolute velocity (CAV) and specific energy density (SED)

  • Root-mean-square (RMS) of acceleration, velocity and displacement

  • Sustained maximum acceleration (SMA) and velocity (SMV)

  • Acceleration (ASI) and velocity (VSI) spectrum intensity

  • Predominant (Tp)

  • Significant duration

  • Number of effective cycles

  • Damage index

  • Maximum incremental velocity (MIV)

  • Impulsivity index (IP Index)

  • Average spectral acceleration (Sa,avg)


The program features a friendly graphical user interface capable of reading single accelerograms defined in both single or multiple values per line formats (the two most popular formats used by strong-motion databases). Owing to its full integration with the Windows environment, SeismoSpect allows for numerical and graphical results to be copied to any Windows application (e.g. MS Excel, MS Word, etc.), noting that the characteristics plots can be fully customised from within the program itself.









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