Universal Magnetic Field Toolkit - 二维磁场计算工具

Universal BField Toolkit包括三个程序,涵盖了磁场模拟。













The Universal BField Toolkit includes three programs that cover the full range of magnetic field simulations.


PerMag calculates static magnetic fields for any geometry with planar or cylindrical symmetry. The program can perform combined runs with permanent magnets, coils and ferromagnetic materials. With its open data structure, PerMag handles all permanent magnet materials, including non-linear materials like Alnico. A concise users' manual reviews magnetostatic theory with anisotropic materials and numerical methods for field solutions. Analysis capabilities include automatic determination of field energy, forces and induced current for inductance calculations.


Pulse determines time variations of magnetic fields in the presence of eddy currents. Multiple coils may be assigned arbitrary current waveforms using either mathematical functions or a fiexible system of tabular function input. The program also handles non-linear magnetic materials with user-defined magnetic permeability tables. Pulse produces multiple data files at specified times and history files of magnetic and induced electric field at given locations. Other features include automatic calculation of stored energy, peak field values, magnetic forces and torques. Pulse has applications to transformers, magnetic recording devices, high-field pulsed magnets, linear induction accelerators, high-frequency inductors and magnetic coupling in microelectronic devices.


Nelson calculates AC or RF magnetic fields in conductive media. Applications include simulation of induction heating for material processing and the frequency response of transformers or audio devices. The amplitude and phase of harmonic currents may be set individually. Materials are characterized by values of magnetic permeability and electrical conductivity.The program automatically calculates and records power density and total current organized by region. The information may be ported to the TDiff program for thermal calculations.


The solution programs employ finite-element methods on variable-resolution conformal triangular meshes with size limited only by the installed memory of the computer. Solutions may contain up to 250 regions with specified material properties. The self-contained package includes Mesh for the automatic creation of conformal triangular meshes for all solution programs.




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