GamBet - 2D/3D Monte Carlo设计套件



  • Geometer(在交互式环境中构建3D结构)
  • MetaMesh(创建3D保形网格)
  • Mesh(2D保形网格生成器)
  • GamBet(主解决方案引擎)
  • GBView2(2D剂量分布的绘图和分析)
  • GBView3(3D剂量分布的绘图和分析)
  • GenDist(粒子分布的绘图和分析)



  • Professional版软件包具有无限的内存访问和高效的并行处理功能,可在大型生产中实现高速运行

  • 材料体积由保形网格定义,以准确表示倾斜或弯曲的边界

  • 可选择纳入计算的2D和3D电场和/或磁场解决方案

  • 沉积能量的输出文件可以导出到TDiff或HeatWave中进行热分析

  • 剂量数量被记录在保形网中,因此每个元素都作为后处理的一个子区

  • 用于分析和绘制输入/输出粒子分布图的GenDist工具

  • 差异减少技术,包括相互作用强迫和分割/减少粒子的技术

  • 该软件包包括用于生成网格以及分析剂量和粒子轨道的综合图形化前处理和后处理程序

  • Particle escape文件可作为后续运行的输入,或移植到Trak和OmniTrak光束物理学代码中

  • 材料的相互作用由Penelope物理引擎处理

  • 从摄影或医疗图像中直接生成网格





GamBet is an innovative approach to Monte Carlo simulations of radiation transport in matter. The unitized suite handles the full range of electron/photon/positron interactions with unmatched speed and accuracy. GamBet can be used as a stand-alone tool or as an extension to the Trak or OmniTrak charged-particle-beam codes. Applications include optimization of X-ray targets, electron-beam heating, radiographic imaging, positron physics, radiation therapy research and shielding design. The package includes seven linked components: Geometer (build 3D structures in an interactive environment), MetaMesh (create 3D conformal meshes), Mesh (2D conformal mesh generator), GamBet (main solution engine), GBView2 (plots and analysis of 2D dose distributions), GBView3 (plots and analysis of 3D dose distributions) and GenDist (plots and analysis of particle distributions).



  • The Professional package features unlimited memory access and efficient parallel processing for high speed in large production runs

  • Material volumes are defined by conformal meshes for accurate representation of slanted or curved boundaries

  • Option to incorporate calculated 2D or 3D electric and/or magnetic field solutions

  • Output files of deposited energy may be exported to TDiff or HeatWave for thermal analyses

  • Dose quantities are recorded on the conformal mesh so that each element acts as a subzone for post-processing

  • GenDist utility for analysis and plotting of input/output particle distributions

  • Advanced variance-reduction techniques including interaction forcing and splitting/reduction of particles

  • Package includes integrated graphical pre- and post-processors for mesh generation and the analysis of dose and particle orbits

  • Particle escape files may be used as input for subsequent runs or ported to the Trak and OmniTrak beam physics codes

  • Material interactions are handled by the state-of-the-art Penelope physics engine

  • Direct mesh generation from photographic or medical images





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