DesignPH - PHPP的3D建模工具







  • 使用新的或现有的SketchUp模型(可能需要一些简化)

  • 建筑围护结构的项目数据输入和3D显示

  • 采暖需求的自动分析和简化计算

  • 插入和编辑门窗组件的工具,具有用户定义的属性或来自被动房数据库

  • 工具内的简单能量平衡和有关会导致过热的高水平玻璃的警告

  • 建筑设计的3D编辑和优化

  • 建筑模型导出到PHPP




DesignPH is a plugin for SketchUp which simplifies the process of entering data into PHPP and provides preliminary feedback on the performance of the design within SketchUp.


The software provides an intuitive graphical user interface to create a 3D model of the building. With designPH, you can define the different building model components and run an analysis to estimate the energy performance of the building. This facilitates a more effective iterative design process, which will allow you to get an immediate idea of the building's energy performance and rule out poorly performing design options. The entire project can then be exported to PHPP for detailed design, refinement, and certification.


The main features of the designPH plugin for SketchUp are:

  • Work with a new or existing SketchUp model (some simplifications may be required)

  • Project data input and 3D display of the building envelope

  • Automatic analysis and simplified calculation of the space heating demand

  • Tools to insert and edit window & door components, with user-defined properties or from the Passive House database

  • Simple energy balance within the tool and warnings about high-levels of glazing that would lead to overheating

  • 3D editing and optimization of the building design

  • Building model export to PHPP





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