GDE - GamBet分布式计算扩展程序





1. 该软件包包括两个程序GB_SOW和GB_REAP。

2. GB_SOW包括GamBet的全部技术特性。该程序可以安装在任意数量的32位或64位计算机上,无需许可证。GB_REAP安装在具有GamBet许可证的64位主计算机上。

3. 用户使用标准程序设置和测试GamBet运行。然后,将相同的所需输入文件集(GamBet控制脚本、网格定义、电场或磁场文件...)分发给工作人员计算机。

4. GB_SOW在每台工作计算机上从窗口或命令行启动。GB_SOW的多个实例可以在多处理机器上运行。

5. GB_SOW运行生成一个具有标识名称的单个二进制文件,其中包含来自GamBet计算的全部信息(escape particles、剂量、统计...)。用户将输出文件从工作计算机移动到主计算机上的数据文件夹。

6. GB_REAP识别指定目录中的全部二进制输入文件,并将它们组合成标准格式的GamBet输出文件。这些文件可以使用GBView2、GBView3或GenDist进行分析。Escape particles以适当的权重组合在一个escape文件中。统计和剂量分布的信息被平均。



  • 计算是独立的,不需要同步

  • 并行处理没有开销。五台四核计算机可以将产生所需数量的示意图的时间减少20倍

  • 如果一台机器在计算过程中发生故障,来自其他计算机的数据仍然有效且有用

  • 通过添加更多的显示器来提高计算的准确性是很方便的,不需要从头开始。用户只需创建更多的工人计算机文件。它们被添加到主文件夹中,然后用GB_REAP重新组合总的集合

  • 计算机之间的通信只通过文件传输。因此,很方便通过公司网络或互联网在任意地点进行扩展计算





GDE (GamBet Distributed-computing Extension) is an add-on component for GamBet (64 bit) and Xenos (64 bit) for intensive Monte Carlo simulations. A huge calculation with high statistical accuracy may be distributed between any number of worker computers (and between multiple processors on each computer).


How it works

1. The package includes two programs, GB_SOW and GB_REAP.

2. GB_SOW includes all technical features of GamBet. The program may be installed on any number of 32 or 64 bit computers without a license requirement. GB_REAP is installed on a master 64-bit computer with a GamBet license.

3. The user sets up and tests a GamBet run using the standard programs. Then, identical sets of the required input files (GamBet control script, mesh definition, electric or magnetic field files,...) are distributed to the worker computers.

4. GB_SOW is launched on each worker computer, either from a window or from the command line. Multiple instances of GB_SOW may run on multiprocessor machines.

5. The GB_SOW run produces a single binary file with a unique identifying name that contains all information from the GamBet calculation (escape particles, dose, statistics,...). The user moves output files from the worker computers to a data folder on the master computer.

6. GB_REAP identifies all binary input files in the specified directory and combines them to produce GamBet output files in standard format. These files may be analyzed with GBView2, GBView3 or GenDist. Escape particles are combined in a single escape file with appropriate weightings. Information on statistics and dose distribution is averaged.


In the procedure, the user's only role is to transfer files to and from the worker computers. This leaves complete flexibility for configuring the distributed network and automating file transfers. Despite its simplicity, the GDE concept has several advantages:

  • Calculations are independent and need not be synchronized.

  • There is no overhead for parallel processing. Five quad-core computers can reduce the time to generate a required number of showers by a factor of 20.

  • If one machine fails during the computation, data from the other computers is still valid and useful.

  • It is easy to improve the accuracy of a calculation by adding more showers without starting from scratch. The user simply creates more worker-computer files. They are added to the master folder and the total collection is recombined with GB_REAP.

  • Communication between computers is solely through file transfers. Therefore, it is easy to carry out extended calculations at any locations via a company network or the Internet.





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